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    Add a user-facing control to choose the ICC color rendering intent · 338ffeee
    Nathaniel Graham authored
    FEATURE: 359909
    FIXED-IN: 18.04
    Allow the user to choose the ICC color rendering intent, instead of hardcoding INTENT_PERCEPTUAL
    Supersedes D8763
    Test Plan:
    The GUI control appears and seems to work as intended.
    - Tested that the default value of Perceptual is used when there is no value in ~/.config/gwenviewrc
    - Tested that the value gets set in ~/.config/gwenviewrc
    - Tested that removing the value in ~/.config/gwenviewrc reverts the GUI setting to Perceptual
    - Tested that toggling the setting back and forth actually has an impact when using a display with an active color profile. Here's an example:
    Relative Colorimetric:
    Reviewers: DrSlony, rkflx
    Reviewed By: rkflx
    Subscribers: muhlenpfordt, rempt, behrmann
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D10076
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