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    Quadratic Blending Modes · 563269c9
    Miguel Lopez authored
    During the creation of Quadratic Blending Modes, I have did the following:
      - Add new category suitable for quadratic blending modes
     -  I copied and paste existing codes, and created new codes used to calculate blending of images accordingly to the Pegtop formula reference sheet
    - I have tested the 4 new blending modes, and keep adjusting until the blending modes matches that of the Pegtop blending modes
    - Before the testing plan, find a way to make freeze and heat with acceptable coding. Reflect Blend Mode has now been solved.
    Test Plan:
    - Have artists find usage of quadratic blend modes, and see if they find the blending modes useful
    - Test results of quadratic blend modes with existing programs (As far as I"m concerned, only reflect and glow are available for testing)
    -If all seem sounds, and ready to go, then maybe it can be patched in Krita
    Reviewers: #krita, dkazakov
    Subscribers: dkazakov
    Tags: #krita
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D13383
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