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413970 Add TIFF metadata support

This commit adds metadata r/w support to the TIFF impex plugin. This includes XMP, IPTC, and Exif.

These were implemented, in the case of XMP and IPTC, by straight calls to the newly refactored (after 12 years!) metadata backend registry; in the case of Exif, as I did not want to :psyduck: 100+ tags manually, I resorted to a second read pass with Exiv2. Do notice that the latter has some limitations because Exiv2 can't see beyond the 4th IFD, and it cannot parse a group name (its readable way of listing IFDs) beyond the 21st. Both were reported upstream.

BUG: 413970

Test Plan

Build Krita. Open TIFFs with metadata.

Formalities Checklist

  • I confirmed this builds.
  • I confirmed Krita ran and the relevant functions work.
  • I tested the relevant unit tests and can confirm they are not broken. (If not possible, don't hesitate to ask for help!)
  • I made sure my commits build individually and have good descriptions as per KDE guidelines.
  • I made sure my code conforms to the standards set in the HACKING file.
  • I can confirm the code is licensed and attributed appropriately, and that unattributed code is mine, as per KDE Licensing Policy.
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