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Reduce length of recent file menu item text and limit the number of files shown in menu

Alvin Wong requested to merge alvinwong/krita:alvin/recent-files-menu into master

Note that we only hide excessive items in the menu but not the list on the welcome screen. The welcome screen has a scroll bar for the recent files list so it is at least manageable.

The way I limit the items is to hide the QAction in KRecentFilesAction instead of outright removing them, because the model for the welcome screen still depends on the state of KRecentFilesAction. This also means the file icons are still loaded regardless of whether the item is visible on-screen (but this is not a regression).

In the future, we can add a "More Recent Files..." action to show a pop-up with the full recent files listing and a text box for searching from the list. (Inspiration from VSCode but I'm sure there are other software with similar features.)

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