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win: Add info on redirected AppData dir when running packaged

Alvin Wong requested to merge alvinwong/krita:alvin/win-msix-resource-dir into master

When the user choose "Open Resources Folder", check if there is a app-private AppData directory, then show a message box to inform the user about the redirected AppData and let the user choose which directory to open. This only applies to the Microsoft Store / MSIX package.


The info is also shown in the resource location settings page:


TODO (maybe): Improve the path checking to be a bit more intelligent so it doesn't only work for %APPDATA%\krita but also other paths under %APPDATA%? Do we really need this though? I don't think this is necessary.

This is also useful for 5.0, but since it adds several strings I'll target 5.1 for now.

BUG: 448472

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