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Implement Lager-based brush editor backend

This merge request is in work-in-progress state, its main goal right now is to gather early feedback only, it is not intended to work too correctly

WARNING: the patch changed C++ standard to C++17, so it will require full rebuild!

Documentation about the Lager port:

Tasks list


  1. KisTangentNormalPaintOp (@freyalupen)
  2. KisCurvePaintOp (@tymond)
  3. KisExperimentPaintOp (@tymond)
  4. KisRoundMarkerOp (@freyalupen)
  5. KisSketchPaintOp (@freyalupen)
  6. KisHairyPaintOp (@freyalupen)
  7. KisMyPaintPaintOp (@dkazakov)
  8. KisDeformPaintOp (@freyalupen)
  9. KisParticlePaintOp (@freyalupen)
  10. KisDuplicateOp (@szaman)
  11. KisHatchingPaintOp (@freyalupen)
  12. KisSprayPaintOp (@tymond and @dkazakov)
  13. KisGridPaintOp (@tymond)
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