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WIP: MacOS Frame Selection Bug Fix Attempt (447107)

Eoin O'Neill requested to merge eoinoneill/krita:macos447107 into master

@ivany I'll need your input on this since I don't have a Mac computer to test this with. However, I do also have a few questions regarding this bug that you may be able to help me with. I would ask this in the bug tracker, but I think it's a little bit easier to follow and track discussions on GitLab :).


  1. Pan-Zoom operations should only be registering when holding the space key. It seems like, in your case on MacOS, it's happening even when buttons are not being held. Is this correct? If that's true, what happens if you press and hold the space key and then release it over the KisAnimationFramesView table?

  2. There have been reports regarding old versions of Krita behaving differently on MacOS with pan-zoom, which feels strange since most of the code here hasn't changed majorly since Krita 4. Could you perhaps try a bisect with 4.4.2 (or close) and see if [a] there's a point at all where this was ever working and [b] if you can pinpoint a specific commit that has broken it?

  3. There are two commits attached to this MR, both of which are an attempt to resolve this issue as a hotfix for users to get it into Krita ASAP. Please try each commit individually and see if either result in a fixed behavior on MacOS and let me know. I'm kind of shooting in the dark here as I don't have a good way of testing it on my end. I probably won't close this MR if either does, but I will commit the fix upstream so that we can at least get selection working again on MacOS ASAP.

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