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Add an action for toggling the brush outline off or on

R. B. requested to merge tomtomtom/krita:tomtomtom/brushoutlinetoggle into master

I would prefer to have the brush outline disabled while inking but enabled while painting. To speed this process up, I've added an action that will either disable the brush outline, or enable the brush outline using the last set outline shape.

I don't think it's necessary to have separate actions for each brush outline option as I would assume the preference between the three shapes is set-and-forget.

This is not necessarily related to !1426 (merged) as this action wouldn't touch the eraser cursor.


Test Plan

Use the action as a shortcut or toolbar action. Make sure the user-preferred outline shape is properly read and written.

Formalities Checklist

  • I confirmed this builds.
  • I confirmed Krita ran and the relevant functions work.
  • I tested the relevant unit tests and can confirm they are not broken. (If not possible, don't hesitate to ask for help!)
  • I made sure my commits build individually and have good descriptions as per KDE guidelines.
  • I made sure my code conforms to the standards set in the HACKING file.
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