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Only restrict pivot to transform bound when Alt is pressed

Mathias Wein requested to merge mwein/krita:unbound-transform-pivot into master

This is a small change, but every once in a while I am annoyed that I can't just move the transform pivot where it needs to be without some workarounds. And it seems I'm not the only one, for example:

I can't really find a good reason to restrict the pivot to the transform bound, I am not aware of any technical limitation.

Deevad and Raghukamath don't seem to oppose either, so I propose to make the pivot unrestricted by default, and since the Alt modifier is currently unused for pivot moving, use that to limit movement to the transform bounding box, so no functionality gets lost.

Test Plan

Use the transform tool on everything that supports Free Transform (pixel selection, vector shapes, transform masks...did I miss anything?) and see if there's any issues.

Formalities Checklist

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