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Bugfix: Gradient fill stops can't be changed for vector objects

Sharaf Zaman requested to merge szaman/krita:bugfix-455794-gradient-stops into master

What resulted in the bug is firing of selectionContentChanged() signal after the setNewGradientBackgroundToShape() routine had returned -- because the blocker for d->shapeChangedAcyclicConnector had already been destroyed. And when the shapeChanged method was called, it sent down the call assuming gradient had changed (which would reset value of m_selectedStop) when it wasn't.

Now, we remove signal connections for selectionChanged() and selectionContentChanged(), because they're delivered asynchronously and without proper guards (the signal blocker work only in some cases, e.g on windows they always fire once the guard lifetime has ended).

Removing these signals is safe because we now use resourceManager signals to update the UI once the underlying resource has changed.





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