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JPEG-XL: utilize internal profile for lossy export

Rasyuqa A H requested to merge rasyuqaa/krita:rasyuqaa/jpegxl into master

Another attempt to use uses_original_profile = JXL_FALSE to reflect closer how libjxl did lossy encoding while maintaining color profile.

This will slice the bitrate further down on a similar quality setting (almost half the filesize at same setting with uint8/16 depths!).

Using JXL internal profile also improves lossy quality a bit, for example in float / HDR depths with extreme contrasts:


(That ringing comes from a border on bright highlights, in this example with white values > 40.0 in f32 depth)

However, this may break roundtrip on few color profiles, as the JXL internal profile can be used reliably with CICP values only (including custom CICP values). libjxl does have an ability to parse few ICC profiles, but on non-standard (custom) profiles it got converted to sRGB instead. So we need to pass the custom CICP values in order to maintain the color profile, especially on wide gamuts. ICC is still conserved though in non-matrix profiles and lossless export, using original profile again.

Also, libjxl accepts custom gamma input as inverted (1/g) instead. So I rewrite some gamma values on JXL export and import.

And I also rewrites the quality calculation to closely represent libjxl, with Quality 90 equals distance 1.0 for default. In my DSSIM tests, this results in a closer curve to jpeg export:


Test Plan

Export lossy JXL files with different profiles (preferably with HDR images as well).

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