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463079 JPEG-XL: Prevent crashing when opening CMYK(A) files

Rasyuqa A H requested to merge rasyuqaa/krita:rasyuqaa/jxlcmyk into master

Attempt to fix crash on JXL CMYK import. AFAIK, we're still not supporting it yet:

It looks like the crash originated when we try to load a JXL CMYK image, jxl decoder still gives num_color_channels == 3, assigning it to RGBA model in our code and tried to apply the CMYK ICC, thus throws out the segfault crash. This MR attempts to throw out import error instead of crashing the whole Krita. This MR attempts to enable support for both import and export on CMYK JPEG-XL files.

This JXL CMYK detection also can be a foundation for our future works if we're ready to support it. I also personally tried to import using our existing JxlDecoderSetImageOutCallback and setting it to CMYKA color model but still no avail, black K channel is still missing indicating the need for separate buffer for it...

BUG: 463079

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