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Fix bug in "sample screen color" action when it was initiated multiple times without completing

Bug reported here: and here

On windows, it seems that the screen sampling system was confused when the action was initiated multiple times without actually selecting a color between each activation (i.e. pressing the shortcut for the action twice without clicking to select a screen color, or pressing esc to cancel, between the two activations).

Before, multiple KisScreenColorSampler objects may be created and alive at the same time, thus provoking confusion in the actions. Now, when the action is triggered, if there is a KisScreenColorSampler object alive (another sampling action was started but not yet completed), its cancel method is called (which will ultimately end up on the widget being closed). So the shortcut now acts like an "on/off" switch for the screen sampling operation. Actually, there are two actions for screen sampling: one samples the raw screen pixels, and the other tries to sample the real colors in the canvas (like the sampler on the "select color" dialog). So if the new sampling action is different than the old one, the old KisScreenColorSampler is still cancelled/closed/deleted, but in this case a new KisScreenColorSampler is created.

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