Re-add fractional high DPI scaling for Windows

This reintroduces and updates the backported patches to support fractional high DPI scaling on Windows, which was previously lost when updating Qt.

Two new patches to add support for per-monitor DPI awareness v2 are also added. This is supposed to fix the scaling of the Windows native file dialogs.


Test Plan

On a Windows system with fractional DPI scaling on one monitor (e.g. 150%), the UI in Krita should appear to have the same scaling as the rest of the system on that monitor.

Formalities Checklist

  • I confirmed this builds.
  • I confirmed Krita ran and the relevant functions work.
  • n/a I tested the relevant unit tests and can confirm they are not broken. (If not possible, don't hesitate to ask for help!)
  • I made sure my commits build individually and have good descriptions as per KDE guidelines.
  • I made sure my code conforms to the standards set in the HACKING file.
  • I can confirm the code is licensed and attributed appropriately, and that unattributed code is mine, as per KDE Licensing Policy.
Edited by Alvin Wong

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