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WIP: Test wrong focus after closing annotation popup

Simone Gaiarin requested to merge gaiarin/okular:test418531 into master

This autotest aims at simulating the problem reported in BUG: 418531.

Though when the steps reported in the bug report are done programmatically, the problem does not arise. I can still reproduce the problem if I perform the same steps manually.

Possibly this line does not correctly simulate the human interaction:

QTest::keyClick(QApplication::focusWidget(), Qt::Key_Escape);

To test the wrong behaviour: while the test is running click Esc before it is clicked programmatically (increase the value of wait if necessary.

I have used the popup annotation instead of the highlighter annotation just because it is easier to create in the code, but the problem is the same.

(I'll remove the qWait, once this test is working)

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