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Add "Distraction-free Mode" under the "View" menu

Sanchit Singh requested to merge sanckde/okular:reading_mode into master

When triggered, this mode will temporarily hide sidebar, menubar, main toolbar and annotation toolbar but shows the pagebar. This allows for more focused reading without having to manually hide all the different toolbars by using the shortcuts one by one.

This is an alternative view to the "Presentation" view or "Fullscreen Mode" which hide the taskbar of the window system.

Additional features

  • Restores GUI to the state prior to Distraction-free Mode activation during next launch of Okular, if Distraction Free-mode is activated while closing a Shell.

  • Distraction-free Mode is applied on Shell basis and is synchronized between tabs, if Tab mode is activated.

  • When closing a shell in Distraction-free Mode with multiple tabs open, GUI state of the active tab is remembered for the next launch.

FEATURE: 325190 GUI:

Before adding "Distraction-free Mode" menu item to "View" menu


After adding "Distraction-free Mode" menu item to "View" menu


Okular view without Distraction-free Mode activated


Okular view with Distraction-free Mode activated


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