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Accessibility config: Improve color mode controls

As suggested in !202 (comment 158981), this removes the “Change Colors” checkbox and adds a “Normal Colors” item to the combobox instead.

To make the code work simple, I removed the bool ChangeColors and enum RenderMode config items, and added enum ColorMode and enum LastColorMode instead. ColorMode is obvious, LastColorMode makes the “Toggle Change Colors” action work.

Additionally, the static performance warning message is now a KMessageWidget. It is not shown for Normal and Change Paper Color.




Screenshot_20210204_221636 Screenshot_20210204_221546



  • The KMessageWidget flickers around when it is shown the first time. Is that necessary? Is moving around necessary at all?
  • Big whitespace from the QStackedWidget holding the sublayouts. Now that it is moving around, remove the QStackedWidget and put the subcontrols in the main layout directly?

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