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okularkirigami with Qt 5.9.8

Oliver Sander requested to merge sander/okular:patch-from-kde-bug-415012 into master

BUG: 415012

Okular claims it supports Qt 5.9 yet okularkirigami seems to require at least Qt 5.10. After addressing this I observed a crash.


  1. Apply the QML patches from the attached patch file
  2. rebuild and run okularkirigami
  3. click the unlabeled lower-right control to open the page selector
  4. click it again


EXPECTED RESULT I suppose the page selector should close again.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The PageItem::paint() method may never be called with a null window() when using a newer Qt version but given that other member functions check the property it may be wise to do so here. Idem for the change to DocumentPrivate::requestDone() (though one may wonder why a null observer would be held in m_observers).

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