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Added the feature to export pages as images

This feature was requested in bug 466491. With the new feature, a user shall be able to:

  1. Export their document as images in PNG format.
  2. Select the specific directory where user wishes to export pages.
  3. Select specific pages to export as images using a Print like dialog window.

Major changes made to the codebase:

  1. Created a new ExportImage QDialog and a new DocumentObserver that listens to pixmaps being generated for the document.
  2. Modified part.cpp's slotExportAs slot, to add functionality for opening dialog box and handling UI and sending the exportImage request.
  3. Added a hasObserver, canExportToImage and ExportToImage methods to document.cpp
  4. Added a getPixmap method to page.cpp in order to directly get the pixmap associated with the particular page after a Pixmap request.

BUG: 466491

Edited by Pratham Gandhi

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