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Draft: Restore Android Support

This MR strives to restore Android Support for Peruse. It is currently a work-in-progress while I iron out some bugs I found while running the Android Version.

Related Craft-Blueprints MR: packaging/craft-blueprints-kde!762

Here I will track the current state of the MR:

  • Application runs on Android
  • Comics open on the last read page ff197ee2
  • Comic Covers work on Android
    • Currently only Black Covers are being rendered
    • Issue has been resolved by swapping Kirigami.Icon with Image. Bug in Kirigami expected.
  • Settings work on Android
    • Currently there is an issue with KCM - I will need to find a solution for this (maybe rewrite?)
    • This results in you not being able to set the Comic Locations, for testing purposes I have set the path in peruserc manually on Android
    • The changes in the File Access API of Android 10+ results in the permission <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>. This also results on devices running Android 12+ you will need to go in the Settings -> Apps -> Special Acess -> Access to all Files -> Enable Peruse
      • This will maybe be easier to fix on Qt6, as Qt6 has additions for the new File Access API of Android
    • Settings and KNewStuff are currently hard disabled (also for the Desktop Version)
      • KNewStuff will not be available on Android, Settings will be fixed in the future. I just need to find an elegant solution to this.
  • Icons do work on Android
Edited by Remko van Wagensveld

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