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Clean up shutdown process, fix closing too early or not closing at all

Noah Davis requested to merge work/ndavis/shutdown into master

08d23305: Create windows with custom unique_ptrs with deleter via makeUnique()

Windows will be deleted by QWindow::close() instead of default deletion.

884323b7: Add CaptureWindow::instances() and ViewerWindow::instance()

Use these instead of m_viewerWindow and m_captureWindows in SpectacleCore. CaptureWindow::instances() automatically grows and shrinks when capture windows are created or closed. It's too much work to ensure that m_captureWindows only contains unique_ptrs that aren't null after QWindow::close() has been called.

fc2d6251: Use QEventLoopLocker to keep Spectacle alive for notifications

Stopped using setQuitOnLastWindowClosed(false) because setting it true or false depending on the situation was too complex. Now we just create a QEventLoopLocker when we make a notification and destroy the event loop locker, which also automatically quits the application, when the notification is destroyed. To close the windows, we use SpectacleWindow::closeAll() instead of making them hidden. This automatically closes Spectacle when the QEventLoopLocker has not been created.

BUG: 466143 BUG: 450001

44e3fbd4: Don't close Spectacle until the last notification is destroyed

Some notifications can have shorter timeouts and we don't want to close Spectacle before all notifications have expired or been closed.

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