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Use VP9 instead of VP8, Add video save options page to settings dialog

Noah Davis requested to merge work/ndavis/video-formats into master

202e7442: Use VP9 instead of VP8

It has better compression, but libvpx consumes more RAM with VP9. Still less RAM consuption than x264 though.

c1689b1a: Add video save options page to settings dialog

Removes the format combobox from the main UI and puts all the video saving related settings on a page in the settings dialog. The video format does not typically need to be changed frequently, so we can free up some space in the main UI.

Video saving related settings were moved to their own settings group (VideoSave). Image saving related settings had their group renamed (Save -> ImageSave). Settings were renamed to more clearly reflect whether they were for images or videos. Most image related settings now have video related counterparts.

Format settings are now enum based rather than string based. There is documentation about the formats in src/Platforms/VideoPlatform.h. There is also a VideoFormatModel that has all the available formats, their extensions and labels that can be used in UIs as names for the formats.

Because of the Format enum in VideoPlatform, SpectacleCore::supportedVideoFormats() and VideoPlatform::suggestedExtensions() were removed and replaced by VideoPlatform::supportedFormats().

Rather than calling VideoPlatform::setExtension() at any time before calling VideoPlatform::startRecording(), we now get Settings::preferredVideoFormat() and set the format inside startRecording(). Because of this, extension() and setExtension() were removed.

BUG: 473298

Depends on plasma/kpipewire!90 (merged)

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