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Change filename placeholder format

Noah Davis requested to merge work/ndavis/new-placeholder-format into master

Use <placeholder> instead of %placeholder.

Also use more descriptive/straight forward placeholders since we can and migrate old placeholders.

With this new format we could add things like <ISODate> or <ShortDate> as shorthands for common date/time formats. We would also have an easier time adding support for more placeholders.

I use <key> instead of %key% because sequences with obvious opening and closing characters are easier to parse for humans and machines. I chose '<' and '>' instead of other pairs of characters because I don't need to escape '<' or '>' in regex. I do need to escape them in Rich Text/HTML/XML, so it's sometimes less convenient than '{' and '}', but not too bad.

BUG: 476023

Since strings are frozen for the Gear 24.02 beta, this patch will probably have to wait for a while.

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