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    - GIGANTIC 2700 line diff with LOTS OF FEATURES! · 4387e148
    Piotr Szymanski authored
    - 1. editor-like text selection, and I do mean it, its not pseudo-editor 
      (like the ones acroread and kviewshell have) it doesnt intersect the 
      selection area with words under it, no, it does a lot more, including 
      work on cursors and searching for the text area closest to the given
    - 2. rotation support, change the orientation of the documents if 
      you need too :)
    - 3. the kfaxview backend works beautifully, porting kviewshell backends
      is damn easy ! djvu and dvi will be next!
    - 4. Hardware Blending of selection rectangles! We now use XRender 
      instead of KImageEffect, makes a damn faster blend!
    - 5. Overview mode - as seen in Kviewshell, but quite a bit extended, 
      the kviewshell is only one state, while we support it in both 
      continous and non-continous form
    - BTW. I coded all those features myself, (apart from kfaxview backend library)
      it is an impressive bit right? but oKular cant be run by only one person, 
      join in on the fun! i can introduce you into the code just mail niedakh@gmail.com
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