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    o Removed the PageViewOverlay class (a hack that permitted transparent · 89cd5a2f
    Enrico Ros authored
    selection) in favour of a new common selection code that uses internal
    compositing engine.
    o Added 'copy GFX' (in addition to the already existant 'copy text') with
    a popup that asks user wether to copy to clipboard or save the image to
    a file. (note: maybe a merge between selection tools (text/gfx) is
    o The Zoom Tool is now a mouse mode, not a zoom mode.
    o Tuned PageViewMessage class and added tips somewhere.
    o Reorganized some actions and cleanup in mouse mode related code.
    o Updated plans (roadmap to HEAD and new things) in TODO.
    o And.. well, de don't deal with gardening anymore :-) Thanks Michael!
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