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    Implemented history (implementation is inside Document. actions (2) are in · 93c1d384
    Enrico Ros authored
     Part). Implemented 'history (xpdf's LinkAction) links'. History depth is
     100 steps by default (this is enough for sure, clicking 100 times on a
     button is not an easy task :-).
    Minor issues (removed half TODOs in code, all FIXMEs are already removed):
    Invoke mailer on 'mailto:' links inst instead of konqueror.
    Actions cleanup: disable actions like 'print', 'preview', 'save to..', etc
     when there isn't an active document. Added history actions to the toolbar
     in place of the 'prev_page' and 'next_page' ones. Fixed open+open_recent
     action tooltip and behavior.
    Move definition and implementation of PagePainter class to ui/pagepainter
     from core/page.
    Valgrinded and leakchecked (2 memory leaks spotted and fixed (missing
     contents deletion in KPDFGeneratorThread and missing deletion of
     PixmapRequests on cancel in Document::requestPixmaps())).
    svn path=/trunk/kdegraphics/kpdf/; revision=382960
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