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    Do not use slotChangeDrawingToolEngine to reset the drawingEngine · 4f297e34
    Oliver Sander authored
    The previous code used two consecutive calls to the method
    slotChangeDrawingToolEngine to reset the m_drawingEngine
    member (i.e., to delete it and to create a new one from scratch).
    That worked; however, as a side effect the calls to
    slotChangeDrawingToolEngine also set the cursor to an arrow,
    which happens every time one continuous stroke is finished.
    This went unnoticed because when drawing in presentation mode
    the cursor is an arrow anyway.  However, in anticipation
    of future patches that change the cursor to a cross-hair
    when drawing, this explicit setting of the arrow shape
    needs to go.  Therefore this patch replaces the two calls
    to slotChangeDrawingToolEngine by the code they contain,
    minus the code to set the cursor shape. The new code is
    only one line longer, and more readable too.
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