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    Add option to ignore print margins for non-PDF generators · 8bf1a911
    Michael Weghorn authored
    This adds a combobox in the print dialog of the non-PDF
    generators to allow selecting whether or not to take
    print margins into account.
    For the PDF case and rasterized printing, new print otions have
    been implemented in commit 2e97d587
    already, which adds an additional option to do no scaling at all.
    For consistency reasons, the same terms also used for the PDF
    case are used in the combobox (i.e. the two of the three that
    This adds a new abstract class 'PrintOptionsWidget' with a
    'ignorePrintMargins()' method to indicate whether print margins
    should be ignored or not, and a default implementation.
    The existing widget for the PDF generator now derives from this
    In order to avoid an ABI breakage, the return value of
    'Document::printConfigurationWidget' is left as a 'QWidget *'
    and a dynamic_cast is done on use.
    FilePrinter is adapted to take into account the value set by
    'QPrinter::setFullPage()' and the margin options
    are now passed accordingly (either the values set in the dialog or '0').
    A big thanks to Albert Astals Cid <aacid@kde.org> for showing how
    to extend the initial implementation to cover more generators.
    Test Plan:
    1) Open a PostScript file in Okular (using a document size that matches
      a paper size available on the printer used later makes it easier
      to see things behave as expected)
    2) open print dialog, go to "Print options" and notice that there is a new
      "Scale mode" combobox whose value is set to "Fit to printable area"
       by default.
    3) don't change any options, print to a printer that has hardware margins
    Expected result: the document is scaled to the printable area (e.g.
    scaled down so that the printer's hardware margins remain empty) as it
    has been without this change.
    4) Set the value of the "Print Options" -> "Scale mode" combobox to
       "Fit to full page" and print again
    Expected result: The document is scaled to the full page size, i.e. ignoring
    the printer's hardware margins.
    5) Try steps 1-4 with other document formats supported by Okular and
       observe that they behave the same (except for the PDF case, where
       there's a combobox with three options that has been implemented
       independent of this change).
    Reviewers: #okular, ngraham
    Reviewed By: ngraham
    Subscribers: fvogt, rkflx, arthurpeters, ltoscano, okular-devel, aacid, ngraham
    Tags: #okular
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D10974
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