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    Improve documentation of area classes · 0602576c
    David Hurka authored
    This shall improve the documentation of several area classes,
    including NormalizedPoint, NormalizedRect, RegularArea, RegularAreaRect.
    This shall also clarify when absolute coordinates and when normalized
    coordinates are used.
    Describes the normalized coordinate system in NormalizedPoint, with a new term “reference area” do describe mapping.
    Page view rotation.
    This is not done consistently in Okular, but can be changed later. I think this documentation will help (me) with that then.
    Test Plan: Run doxygen
    Reviewers: #okular, aacid
    Reviewed By: #okular, aacid
    Subscribers: aacid, okular-devel
    Tags: #okular
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D21266
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