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    Presentation: optionally go to prev. page when touching left half of the page · 50bfd9fe
    Oliver Sander authored
    This patch makes switching presentation slides using touch screen taps
    more flexible.  It introduces a new configuration option
    'Touch navigation' with three possible values:
    * 'Tap left/right side to go back/forward':
       Tapping on the left(right) half of the screen
      makes the presentation go to the previous(next) slide.
    * 'Tap anywhere to go forward':
      Tapping on the screen makes the presentation go to the
      next slide, no matter where the screen is being tapped
    * 'Disabled':
      Screen tapping doesn't do anything.
    Previously, only 'Tap anywhere...' was implemented.
    This patch does not change the behavior of mouse clicks.
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D18118
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