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Draft: Little steps for Qt6 port

António Monteiro requested to merge antmonteiro/kdevelop:qt6-port into master

This MR will be staying as Draft for a while.

My current plan is to first port away from deprecated code (i.e Porting away from QRegExp to QRegularExpression), removing QtWebKit support as it is deprecated since Qt 5.4 (ircc), qt4 references (like qt4app and kde4app in cmake manual tests), etc.

I have disabled qmljs plugin as It gets in the way from disabling deprecated Qt versions, though these commits below touch the plugin/qmljs but not qtcreator-libs (take a look at the endl to Qt::endl).

PS: My plan is also to make separate MRs with commits from this one so that it becomes easier to review and faster to upstream

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