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IBreakpointController: Remove obsolete code.

The interface has some obsolete stuff remaining so remove that. The removed code had (nearly) no users left. Also, the obsolete code does not run - it's dead code. kdev-python and kdev-xdebug depend of the obsolete API. Until those are ported to new API this merge is blocked.

Only obsolete "user" was the sendMaybe() function in classes:

  • MIBreakpointController
  • TestBreakpointController

Just remove the sendMaybe() from these classes. Their implementations are placeholders for the build.

Perhaps the more notable change is:

  • The IBreakpointController public interface functions are changed to be pure virtual.

This change allowed the "default implementation" to eliminated. The "default implementation" code is broken/useless anyway. As a result, the class has no data members any more. TestBreakpointController also gained placeholder override functions.

Edited by Jarmo Tiitto

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