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    app: Improve --project handling · d01702df
    Kevin Funk authored
    Before this patch `--project PROJ` had several flaws:
    - Could not be used to open the project in an existing instance
    - Could not be used to open a project if there was an already
      running KDevelop instance
    With this change:
    - We'll check which sessions contain PROJ
      - We'll use the first match as the 'target session' to be opened
    - Continue as usual
      - If there's a KDevelop instance with that session open: activate
      - If not: Open a new instance with said session
    Reviewers: dfaure, brauch
    Reviewed By: brauch
    Subscribers: brauch, cullmann, kdevelop-devel
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D8842
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