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    Rewrite for KoColorSpaceRegistry to fix multithreading and deadlocks · 8852506e
    Dmitry Kazakov authored
    Basically, we have two levels of locks in the registry:
    1) (outer level) is Private::registrylock, which controls the structures
       of the color space registry itself
    2) (inner level) is KoColorProfileStorage::Private::lock controls
       the structures related to profiles.
    The locks can be taken individually, but if you are going to take both
    of them, you should always follow the order 1) registry; 2) profiles.
    Otherwise you'll get a deadlock.
    All the dependent classes (KoColorConversionSystem and KoColorSpaceFactory)
    now do not use the direct links to the registry. Instead, they use special
    private interfaces that skip recursive locking and ensure we don't have