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    Kate: Keyboard shortcuts F6/Shift+F6 for Next/Previous Match · 0aa7c4d3
    Christoph Cullmann authored
    NOTE: depends on
    For the Search and Replace plugin use these default shortcuts as in Qt Creator:
    - F6: Next Match
    - Shift+F6: Previous Match
    Remove unnecessary F keys:
    - Remove default shortcuts F8 and F9 from the Replicode Plugin. F8 conflicts with a split view shortcut and F9 can stay free.
    - Maybe also remove the F8 split view shortcut to make way for a non-F key variant
    Reviewers: #kate, cullmann
    Reviewed By: #kate, cullmann
    Subscribers: cullmann, loh.tar, sars, dhaumann, kwrite-devel
    Tags: #kate
    Differential Revision:
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