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    AudioCD ioslave is now a plugin system! · b5e52977
    Benjamin Meyer authored
    - Coping what seemed right from k3b I have taken the plugins and put them each
    into their own library. (This by itself was very little work as they were
    already abstracted classes).  Really the only biggest change/addition was the
    addition of the 40 LOC find_plugins() function in the base class which opens
    the libraries and loads the encoders.  In the future much closer intigration
    with k3b is the goal.
    -Second I moved the configure widget for each encoder into the encoder plugin
    from the kcm.  This allows for the kcm to use find_plugins() and then load
    their configure dialogs.  One of the really cool side effect for example is
    that if lame sees that there is no lame library to run it wont return a
    encoder to configure (and thus confusing the user).
    -Third (tied very close to #2) was I converted the encoders to use KConfigXT.
    I created kcfg files, modified the ui files, modified the code and added the
    ability for the kcm to handle it (several three line for loops).  Because of
    this change quite a lot of code that KConfigXT handles was able to be
    removed from the kcm widget. On a side note k3b should do this.
    1) Incorperate k3b's Encoder from command line plugin
    2) Ditch 50% of KAudioCreator and just use this new system.
    3) Help port other apps to use this (k3b?,juk?,kcd?)
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