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compatibility with newer version of upnp lib and Elisa master branch

Matthieu Gallien requested to merge work/mgallien/upnpDlna into master

Summary: make it build again against latest UpnpLibQt

update repository address for UpnpLibQt

starts to put back visible UPnP DLNA integration

add more integration for remote UPnP/DLNA servers

try to integrate DLNA servers discovery in the existing code

bring some form of browsing of remote dlna servers

sync with latest commit of upnp qt lib

allow wome sort of discovery of servers along with display in a dedicated view

adapt to API changes in UpnpQtLib

use a logging category for all UPnP related code

fix REUSE compliance

mostly fix browsing by using single level models

various small code fixes from clang-tidy, clazy and manual review

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