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Draft: Implement radio metadata update with Qt Multimedia

David requested to merge dpalacio/elisa:radio-metadata-latest into master

Reason for the change

This (draft) merge request allows streaming metadata to be displayed and updated in the player user interface. The VLC backend already has this feature working hence it's left as is in this changeset. The current approach updates track metadata too much, like when a local file is playing and it removes some metadata from the playlist.

I push forward this merge request in the interest of getting feedback on if I am on the correct approach on tackling this issue.

Some interesting bits

src/mediaplaylist.cpp: I'm not sure what's the intent behind the check in this file. It seems to always return and never update data.

It would be very much desirable to plug this updates to the MPRIS system to have updated metadata outside of Elisa and in the desktop.

Test plan

Only changed the Qt Multimedia backend, not libvlc.



Bugs fixed

BUG: 417895

BUG: 467265

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