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Draft: Port SettingsForm to Kirigami Addons mobile form

Jack Hill requested to merge jackh/elisa:mobile-settings into master

Reason for the change


  • Improves the usability of Elisa on mobile devices


  • Uses up way too much space on desktop (just compare the height of the screenshots below)

Marked as draft because

  1. the form headings aren't looking how they should be (see e.g. NeoChat or Kalendar)
  2. I think the "Music Folders" section could probably be converted into a more mobile style (and possible move to another page?)
  3. Some form cards don't have a header yet. (I think it might be better to rearrange the settings first.)

Test plan

Run Elisa in desktop and mobile mode. Activate/change each setting.

Screenshots or screen recordings


Before After
elisa-config-desktop-before elisa-config-desktop-after


Before After
elisa-config-mobile-before elisa-config-mobile-after

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