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Fix Android Qt6 build & make it (mostly) work with Android 14

Jack Hill requested to merge work/jackh/android-qt6 into master

Needs packaging/craft-blueprints-kde!805 (merged) to compile

App issues (checked = fixed):

  • Package Installer crashes on Android 14. Seems to be the same as this: hopefully this will be fixed in AOSP, otherwise I'm not sure how to diagnose which of our image files is causing the crash.
  • Album artwork is missing. Album query returns null string for album art URI
  • Radios are broken. QMediaPlayer reports a ResourceError. The app already has ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and INTERNET permissions so maybe this is a bug in Qt.

Theme issues:

  • Breeze (upstream issue - not fixable here): Icons are always black with Breeze style regardless of colour scheme
  • Material (cannot remember how to use Material theme so probably won't bother looking into this): Dark colour scheme does not apply to standard Controls (works fine for our custom pages)

So far only tested on an Android 13 device. There were permission changes for Android 10 and Android 13 so I have no idea if the app works properly devices prior to those versions.

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