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Implement album shuffle

Bart De Vries requested to merge work/bdevries/album-shuffle into master

Reason for the change

This implements album shuffle.

Test plan

Autotests have been updated and new tests have been added.

Screenshots or screen recordings

Before (no shuffle) Before (track shuffle) After (no shuffle) After (track shuffle) After (album shuffle)
Screenshot_20240501_185131 Screenshot_20240501_185319 Screenshot_20240501_185030 Screenshot_20240501_185359 Screenshot_20240501_175304

I took the album shuffle icon from amarok (media-random-albums-amarok). AFAIK this is part of breeze, so should be ok to use, although it is less general than the regular shuffle track icon.

Alternative for track shuffle with be the associated amarok track shuffle icon: Screenshot_20240501_185559

Or should we ship a dedicated icon with Elisa?

Bugs fixed

CCBUG: 441879

This also fixes an unreported (AFAICS) bug: when Elisa would be closed with a shuffled playlist, it would re-open next time with a different randomized playlist with an unrelated other track set to current track. This MR also saves the randomized order of the shuffled tracks, such that on the next startup the playlist and current track are correctly restored.

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