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Reduce choppyness of animation when toggling playlist visibility

Jack Hill requested to merge jackh/elisa:refactor/playlist-performance into master

Reason for the change

Changing the playlist's width causes many Loaders to activate/deactivate, which results in a choppy animation when hiding the playlist. When hiding the playlist, we fix the PlayList width and change the parent item's width instead. This gives the visual of the PlayList sliding off the screen without the performance issues caused by Loaders.

The only downside I've noticed is that the playlist doesn't get loaded at startup if the app is started with the playlist hidden. Then when showing the playlist, the playlist container appears and then the playlist is loaded shortly afterwards (see screen recording below).

Test plan

Toggle the Show Playlist button

Screenshots or screen recordings

Before After
before after

Issue when showing the playlist after starting the app with the playlist hidden:


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