Single-click/tap to open grid delegate item

Right now opening grid delegates is accomplished by double-clicking/tapping on them, or clicking/tapping once to select and then clicking/tapping on the "open" button. This patch changes the behavior to be single-click/tap to open. There several proposed justifications for this change:

  • More touch-friendly: double-tap is awkward on touch, and tapping once to select and tapping on an "open" button is slow and cumbersome. Tapping once to open the item is much more user-friendly and conventional on touch.
  • Avoids having multiple ways to do the same thing. Now instead of being able to enter by double-clicking or else clicking on the "open" hover button, you just click once.
  • Avoids the issue described in whereby the "open" button's icon was found to be somewhat lacking.
  • Overall less visual clutter on the grid delegates

Opening with the return key when a delegate is selected still works, and keyboard navigation still works.

The applicable autotest is updated.


BUG: 417223

FIXED-IN: 20.04.0

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