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    Notify the user that JuK is docked on startup. · 61e5fc8d
    Shubham Chaudhary authored
    We show a simple notification if the user starts up JuK and it is set to
    dock in the systray on startup (as otherwise the user may wonder why it
    didn't open up). Although a "Do not show again" checkbox is not possible
    with KNotification, it is possible to remove this additional
    notification by going to "Application and System Notifications" in
    System Settings to manage "Juk music player" application notifications.
    We do *not* show a notification if a session is being restored to avoid
    noise, however JuK will show the main window if the user tries to start
    it up again after it's already running, so this should be OK.
    Thanks to Shubham Chaudhary for the bugfix (you're been marked as the
    patch author), and Michael for reporting the bug.
    This bugfix adds new strings so it cannot be backported. It will show up
    first in KDE SC 4.12.
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