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    Refactor contact and account details · b296bb85
    Melvin Keskin authored and Linus Jahn's avatar Linus Jahn committed
    * A common base for contact and account details is used.
    * The account details use the same look as the contact details.
    * On desktop devices, a sheet (with a fixed width) is opened.
    * On mobile devices, a page is opened.
    * Opening the account details is done via the global drawer.
    * Mobile form cards are used for displaying accounts and global actions.
    * A contact's picture avatar can be opened/maximized by clicking on it.
    * The own avatar can be removed.
    * Buttons for processing the own avatar are only visible when needed.
    * Changing a contact's name is done as for the account's display name.
    * The status of a contact is displayed and can be requested.
    * Notifications for incoming messages can be un/muted via a form entry.
    * All OMEMO settings and explanations are fixed.
    * Cache OMEMO devices and enable/disable OMEMO account-wide
    * The page for scanning OMEMO QR codes closes and reopens the details sheet.
    * Removing a contact or account is done via a form entry.
    * vCards are not requested if not connected.
    * Prefix 'v' is removed from client version.
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