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afc: Drop pretty name handling

Kai Uwe Broulik requested to merge work/kbroulik/afc-no-pretty-name into master

Instead, set UDI as host and rely on KFilePlaces to match up the names.

BUG: 462381

I really need this to go into 6.0

@afiestas @fvogt

Together with frameworks/kio@1b5301fa I get a pretty address on the address bar.

  • afc:/ redirect to the phone works (albeit here the matchup doesn’t work)
  • Clicking phone in Places matches up and shows correct pretty URL
  • Browsing folders works
  • Copying files into and out of works, opening files
  • Browsing apps works, which is now in a magic @apps subdir, rather than a separate protocol (so the base URL still matches the place). Nautilus iirc just shows two entries (one for file system and one for apps) in its sidebar iirc.

That one new i18n string is just copied from a bit below, no new string is introduced.



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