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Support SVG nick icon themes, switch default to SVG, add Dark Default

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau requested to merge work/kossebau/svgiconthemes17 into 1.7

Running Konversation with QT_SCALE_FACTOR=2 on my lodpi screen...


Pixmap: Screenshot_20200926_191217 Vector: Screenshot_20200926_185317

User list:

Pixmap: Screenshot_20200926_191958i Vector: Screenshot_20200926_192049

LowDpi works as well:

Pixmap: Screenshot_20200926_193250 Vector Screenshot_20200926_192412

User list:

Pixmap: Screenshot_20200926_193209 Vector: Screenshot_20200926_193032

I would consider this to be fixes, so something for 1.7.7 in a month with perhaps other fixes.

BUG:392811 CCBUG:341364

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