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Make QtWebView optional, overhaul auth (again)

Joshua Goins requested to merge work/redstrate/auth-overhaul into master

Our current authentication system uses an in-app QtWebView. However, WebView isn't available on all systems and arguably this only makes sense for mobile.

So now this is how the authorization should've worked before:

  • On desktop systems, the external browser method is preferred. Unless you're running on a debug build, and Tokodon will choose the auth code method for you. This is to prevent gotchas when you forgot to install the .desktop file and other gubbins required for that feature to work.
  • On mobile systems, the in-app web browser is preferred if QtWebView is available.
  • On other systems who don't want QtWebView, they can turn it off via USE_QTWEBVIEW and Tokodon will fall back automatically.

Also there's fallbacks implemented, so in every case you will be able to try an external browser and then auth code.

BUG: 483938

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