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Partial icon improvements

Dawid Wrobel requested to merge 2-improve-icons-consistency into 5.0

These are partial improvements ready for merging with 5.0 branch. The outstanding work depends on VDG team's delivery of missing breeze icons (

This change:

  1. Simplifies icon mapping code and prepares for upcoming breeze theme delivery:
    • Breeze is the mandatory theme on macOS and Windows, so make it explicit
    • setThemeName() is only supported on non macOS/Windows platforms
    • Add a single iconMappings container for all Icons::Icon enums to theme mappings
    • remove the KDE icons generalization – replace it with distinct Oxygen and Breeze mappings.
    • simplify the convoluted setIconThemeNames() mapping logic
  2. Continues the refactoring of icon names to reflect the context of usage.
  3. Fixes some old filename typos.
  4. Replaces the explicit QIcon::fromTheme() leftover calls with Icons::get() wrapper.
Edited by Dawid Wrobel

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