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Auto-size the columns in Institution/Accounts/Categories views; simplify Balance/TotalBalance

Dawid Wrobel requested to merge work/autosize_headers into master
  • Configures the columns to dynamically auto-stretch according to content.
  • Except for the first column (Account/Category/Institution name), which stretches to the maximum
  • Requires removing the HeaderState configuration from the .kcfg file, which would otherwise overwrite the code-generated settings. This is a one-off.

In order for the Balance column auto-stretching to work properly:

  • remove TotalBalance column, which effectively was a mirror of Balance column
  • un-hide the Balance column and use it in-place of TotalBalance
  • since Column::TotalBalance enum value was removed, the assigned column IDs had changed, so need to reset the user column settings
  • since we're already doing this, take opportunity and completely rearrange the order in Column enum, which corresponds to the default order of the columns shown in the UI, making it saner.

Also run clang-format where applicable

This only tackles Institution/Accounts/Categories views for now.

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